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  • 发布时间: 2018 - 03 - 09
    氧传感器设计图:产品规格:外形尺寸(长宽厚mm)           (58.5±1)×(4.3±0.08)×(1.4±0.08)加热器电阻值(Ω)                                               9±1.5Ω瓷体强度(Kg)                         ...
  • 发布时间: 2018 - 03 - 09
    氧传感器设计图:产品规格: 外形尺寸(长宽厚mm)           (58.5±1)×(4.3±0.08)×(1.4±0.08) 加热器电阻值(Ω)                                               9±1.5Ω 瓷体强度(Kg)                        ...




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Address:Floor2-4, Building 65,43#, FuKang Road, FuMin Industrial Park, PingHu, LongGang, ShenZhen, China

About Us Course

1999 Foundation.                    
To be a supplier of Huawei, GE and OSRAM;PTC Thermistor products acquired CQC.            

2004 Set up manufacturing base in Pinghu , Longgang District, Shenzhen;PTC Thermistor products got UL and CUL safety certification.

2006 To be a Supplier of 3M , ADC, Midea and Electra;Found Ampron Technology (HK) ,Co, Ltd, and also office in Shunde.

2007 To be a Supplier of of BYD new energy vehicles;Became a qualified supplier of SUMSUNG and FLUKE.Our HANGZHOU office was established;Got SHENZHEN high-new tech enterprise certification.

2008 Got the TUV certificate                
Set up Ampron Industrial park in Dongguan and to be main manufacturing base;To be a Supplier of Toshiba. Get the honorary title of free inspection supplier of Wasion Group.

2011 To be a Supplier of  FAE;NTC Thermistor got UL and CUL certification;Owned two items of Inventive patent, two new patents and more than five are in process of approving.Get ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

2012 Set up advanced functional materials production base;Access to national high-tech enterprise certification;Obtains the title of science and technology private enterprise of Guangdong province and Dongguan city; Set up the R&D institution of automotive pressure sensor and oxygen sensor and become the leading enterprise with mass production.

2013 To be the sensitive ceramic materials production base of Huazhong University of Science and Technology;NTC thermistor passed CQC certification;Supply of NTC thermistor for SEMITEC

2014 Got TS16949:2009 quality system certificate;To be a supplier of  Iran MAN.CO oxygen sensor;To be a supplier of Midea air-conditioning division.AChieve the first prize in Chinese electronic society science andtechnology about Micro-crystal thermal ceramic nano powder and plate forcomponent making

2015 To be a supplier of LiFan Auto temperature sensor;AMRPON group company finished the shareholdering reform.Pass the review of Hi-Tech enterprise of China.

2016 Set up AMPRON technology co., LTD in ChenZhou, HuNan province;NTC MF72 series PTC Thermistor products acquired UL

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