Pressure Sensor for Air Conditioner

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时间: 2013-12-11

ACCP Series Ceramic Capacitor Pressure Sensor is created by Ampron using ceramic material under special procedure. Ceramic is a recognized material that is highly elastic, resistant to corrosion, abrasion, shock and vibration. The thermal stability of ceramics allows it to operate over a temperature range of -40 ° C to 135 ° C with high precision and high stability.


Its anti-overload capability can reach up to 100 times of the range, completely solving the shortcomings of other types of sensors with poor overload capability in a small range. Besides its range as general sensors have, its most distinctive feature is its positive and negative gauge function. Such as: ± 10kpa, ± 1kpa and so on. With the high output and wide range characteristics of ceramic capacitive pressure sensors, it is especially suitable for manufacturing high performance industrial control pressure transmitters. 


AMPRON ceramic capacitive pressure sensor integrates a variety of leading materials and production processes at home and abroad, such as thick film, film, low temperature co-firing, etc., and integrates many ceramic technology achievements accumulated by AMPRON for more than ten years.


Product Features:

1. High precision making it possible for ECU to optimize control strategy for air conditioning system

2. Customizable in voltage output interface

3. Ceramic capacitance structure provides higher respond speed and better compatibility to media

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