Long Distance “Shake” with the Help of Built-in Temperature and Pressure Sensor

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时间: 2013-11-29

This year, Beijing Makershow of Middle and primary school student is held. 3 young makers bring their masterpiece, a machine arm which can be used between distantly separated families to shake their hands with each other. It is reported that the “hand” use built-in pressure sensor, temperature sensor and wireless communication module, to sense the temperature and signal when shaking hands so as to provide ways for affective interaction.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese people go abroad to study and play. Although they can communicate through ocean phone calls and videos, such untouchable communications do have disappointment. If you have the temperature-bearing hand, you can always shake hands across the space with your loved ones.

According to the small makers, the two robots are equipped with pressure sensors. When one touches and shakes one of the hands, the electric signal transmits the information through the wireless communication module to the rudder installed in the wrist of the other hand. The machine and the steering gear respond to the wrist, the fingers, and the rotation, so as to achieve the hand shaking across time and space.

In order to make this emotional communication more anthropomorphic, the makers also designed temperature-sensitive skin for these arms. A heating wire is installed in the film, and the temperature sensor is used to detect the body temperature during the handshake, and the electric signal is transmitted to allow the other party to hold a warm 'hand'. Of course, in order to make this touch more closed to real life, the makers also hope that through the later improvement, they can produce a more real skin.

At present, the two hands pass the pressure sensor and the temperature sensor and use the wireless communication module to sense the distance, which cannot exceed 100 meters. Therefore, the small makers will also increase the number of sensors in each joint of the arm, so as to collect more and more accurate information, so that emotional communication can be more subtle and precise when the other party makes any action.

In the future, if this robotic arm can be more perfect and the sensing distance can be increased, it will be good news for us.

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