Chenzhou Ampron Sensitive Technology Co., Ltd. Construction Project Completion and Environmental Pro

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时间: 2013-11-29

The site of Chenzhou Ampron Sensitive Technology Co., Ltd Electronic Parts Assembly Project is in the Changfu Project Area, Guiyang Industrial Park, Guiyang County. The project covers an area of 3750 m2 with construction coverage of 15000 m2. The total investment is 200 million RMB (including 181 thousand RMB). The annual capacity is 68 million.

In Sept. 2017, Chenzhou Ampron assigned the Hebei Jieyuananping Environment Protection Consult Co., Ltd. to complete the “Chenzhen Ampron Sensitive Technology Co., Ltd Electronic Parts Production and Assembly Environment Influence Report (hereby, the Report)”. On Nov. 11st the same year, Environment Protection Bureau of Guiyang County issued an official document “环桂评 [2017] 37号文” to approved the Report.

The construction started in Jan. 2017, and so far environmental protection facilities are on track and ready for completion and inspection. Hunan Huahongjiance Co., Ltd is entrusted by Ampron for inspection and completion in accordance with applicable national laws and regulations and Hunan Province Construction Project Environmental Protection Management Regulations. From Nov. 15 to 16, the company carried our on-site inspection on disposal processes of waste water, exhaust gas, noise and solid waste. Exhaust gas of uncontrolled emission and noise has been sampled for inspection. Finally the company issued opinion on the uncontrolled emission of exhaust gas in workshops. In Dec. 2017, it was rectified. Dec. 14 ~ Dec. 15, the company again inspected controlled emission and took samples. After that, Ampron gathers all materials and completed the completion report.



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